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Precious Testimonies

"In my journey through cancer, Joan has been much more than simply my doctor. Her joyful and encouraging spirit has given me strength when I needed it the most. She is a mentor, a guide, and a friend who cares about every aspect of my health.

Her enthusiasm for complete health is contagious and always leaves me excited and motivated to follow through with what needs to be done to see my healing journey to completion.

In just a few months I’ve already experienced tremendous results. My bloodwork clearly shows my nutrition levels are significantly more balanced. In a recent scan it showed that cancerous nodules had noticeably decreased even prior to any radiation! I’m being healed from the inside out.

I already have and will continue to recommend Joan to anyone who wants to really get serious about their overall health."

"Through working with Joan, I have learned how to support my body in better ways to stay healthy. She has helped me strengthen my immune system, worked to figure out some hormonal issues, and helped me strengthen my posture to have less aches and pains. She actively listens to what’s going on in life that could be contributing to stress or causing issues that I’m experiencing. She is encouraging and I know that my health is so much better because of her knowledge and expertise!"

"I've been going to Joan for about 6 months. And what a change it has made in my life! I'm an avid cyclist and ride all disciplines of cycling. After several years of riding I had noticed that I was having an issue with constant soreness and I wasn't able to stand up straight without a pinch in my middle back. And several times I have had to bail out on a ride with friends because I through that "my back was going out". After one visit with Joan, I was able to stand up straight again, though I was still sore and that doesn't heal overnight. I have full flexibility again and my biking has excelled because of it! Thanks Joan for all of your dedication and healing all of our broken bodies!!" Chad C

"I wanted to say just a few words about the care that I received from Joan Housley through Life’s Balance Chiropractic. I am 74 years old, hairstylist, working three full days a week, it has enabled me to stay healthy through Covid and through all of the allergy seasons. I'm very grateful to her for her support and knowledge on natural alternatives." JcMc

"Joan Housley has helped me to be physically, mentally, and nutritionally healthier than I have ever been!" Lynn S

"Dr. Joan has helped me tremendously with my health. Prescription medicine from traditional doctors for thyroid problems did not resolve any of my problems with migraines, but through supplements and dietary changes recommended by Dr. Joan, my quality of life is greatly improved." SJ

"I was referred to Joan after hitting a plateau with another therapist I’d been working with. WOW!! What a God send and blessing she has been! I remember driving home after my first session with Joan, and I literally felt like I could breathe better and deeper! Her NET method really works!" Allison

"I've been seeing Dr Joan for over 5 years now. I've recommended her to many friends and family because I feel she is a gifted healer practicing compassionate chiropractic. She has treated me for temporary aches and pains as well as those long-standing deep injuries that hold on. Her NET technique always leaves me feeling lighter, more at ease and also aware of my body more. I am amazed by the things I've been able to clear from my subconscious (or at least be able to more easily recognize LOL). Letting go of old emotions or programs that are stuck or no longer serve you, is a most beautiful gift to be able to give yourself. It is an adjustment for Mind, Body and Soul. ♡ If this sounds good to you, Dr Joan is the beautiful hearted, spiritually connected, Chiropractic healer that I think you owe it to yourself to see." Megan T

Joan would love to be of service to you.

Dr. Joan Housley, D.C. specializes in Neuro Emotional Technique Therapy (NET), functional blood analysis, chiropractic care and is a certified Standard Process practitioner licensed to provide Standard Process supplemental products. Please click here to contact her directly

Her message to you is…

The human body is infinitely more than the physical attributes we perceive. Oftentimes, an individual may recognize