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Canadian born D. D. Palmer of Davenport, Iowa first developed the art and science of chiropractic over 100 years ago.  He stumbled upon it after adjusting the spine of a deaf janitor who immediately gained back his hearing.  Palmer went on to study the effects of correcting misplaced vertebra, and opened a school in order to share this exciting knowledge.  The basis of his discoveries remains unchanged: once nerve interference is removed, the body regains its ability to heal itself, as it was created to do. 


In order to restore the normal healing functions of the body, Chiropractors are carefully educated to adjust the spine with specific techniques.  Dr. Joan not only understands these factors, but also expertly interweaves her knowledge of how nutritional, chemical, and emotional stressors can cause further muscle imbalances, which contribute to spinal misalignment.  By addressing each individual as a whole and correcting the imbalances, Dr. Joan brings welcomed relief of pain and discomfort by successfully adjusting her patients and restoring them back to vibrant health.


Although any chiropractor can perform an adjustment, Dr. Joan delivers a level of comprehensive, individualized care that goes far beyond a doctor/patient relationship.  Her holistic approach, which delves into every area of life including the physical, chemical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual, sees each person as an intrinsic, one-of-a-kind creation with unique needs.  Dr. Joan conducts a thorough examination of each distinct patient and addresses each issue through various methods of treatment, including chiropractic adjustments, muscle balancing, nutritional supplementation, and a variety of other individualized tools.  

 Dr. Joan’s patients are always amazed at how much better they feel even after just one consultation.  Her personalized, holistic approach to each individual makes Dr. Joan a key player at Life’s Balance.    

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