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Precious Testimonials To Share With You Every Week This Month

I am so grateful that a friend introduced me to Dr. Housley 20+ years ago. I have benefitted from her background, training and expertise regarding structural needs, functional analysis, nutrition and impact of stress and emotions on the body. I rely on her to review any labs that may be requested. Her skill with functional analysis has afforded me a better understanding of what is out of balance in my body systems and what I can do to improve my health. It is important to me to have options outside of taking more medications to only address symptoms. I really like understanding possible root causes behind abnormal lab readings and having her guidance with whole food supplementation to address health issues for the big picture of my health.

I’ve always loved her gentle adjusting style and find that I have better energy flow and clearer thinking following an adjustment. Her training to address emotional and stress components that can impede healing have been a game changer for me. I first visited her for Neuro Emotional Technique to address long standing trauma and stress patterns. I was delighted to find resolution in our very first session. My entire family and many of my friends have benefitted from her care and support.

Joy F.

I’ve been a patient of Joan’s for 21 years and I drive over 26 miles (one way) to see Joan for adjustments. Joan’s approach to Chiropractic care is like none other in the Atlanta area. I’ve had other chiropractors do the same ‘forced’ adjustment with every visit which means they didn’t take the time to understand what was going on with my body. That is NOT the case with Joan. She listens to how I am feeling and then looks at what my body is doing AND then determines what adjustment(s) I need. The tools that Joan uses for adjustments are hands down the more effective way of performing adjustments and my body reacts positively to the adjustments (I’ve even nicknamed one of them “my BFF” as it can get deep into muscles to release tightness... and oh what a relief!). Seeing Joan for adjustments is a staple in my overall wellbeing and selfcare routine. LOVE her!! Angela D.

Dr. Joan Housley has been a life saver for me. I have had stomach problems for many years. She is guiding me with supplements. She made a protocol for me, based on the results of blood work that I had done. I can finally get to the root of the issue and find some relief. She and I are working together making some changes in my diet, being diligent with the supplements, following up, making adjustments as needed, etc. It is a team work, her wisdom and knowledge with my willingness and consistency. I am looking forward to continuing to work with her and see great results and have a better quality of life.

I also have to mention that this protocol has tremendously helped me with my energy. I feel a looooot more energy than I used to. I don’t feel the midday sleepiness any more. This is just great because I used to feel very tired every day around noon.

Thank you Dr. Housley

She’s more than a chiropractor, she helps put all the pieces back together!

She’s more than a doctor who has read my blood work, she’s advised me on which supplements and foods will get my body functioning properly, putting me back on top!

She’s more than a healer, to me… she’s a dear, beloved and cherished friend.

For majority of my years as a mother, Dr Joan has provided me with more assistance than I’ll ever be able to thank her for. She helped me discover and heal from viruses that had been weakening my body. During times of great emotional hurt, pain and stress she assisted in releasing the actual chemical reactions that kept me in that pain… Her office (and we’ve followed her to many offices, even her home!) has and will always be a safe space for my three now teenage daughters~ having grown up with another trusted, strong, smart woman who was not only there to listen and hear our concerns, but who had the ability to help us truly heal. What a blessing this has been over the years!

I have learned life lessons,

I have learned how to connect with God,

I have learned how to pray,

I have learned how to let go,

I have learned how to forgive and I have been given support as a homeschooling mom from another homeschooling mom!

I cherish the moments we are together💝

I know not all will follow the unconventional path, but I truly wish each person would seek out a healer like Dr Joan.


Melissa L.

Joan Housley is a patient and attentive practitioner. I have gone to her for years with help in multiple areas. Most notably I had found myself having chronic sinus infections. The MD found out I had allergies. After 9 months of allergy shots which my body did not tolerate well, I found myself at Joan’s for help. After only 3 months of Joan’s suggested treatment I no longer have allergies! Plus, I have never had a sinus infection since then, 5 years and counting. She is the first person I think of when I am having an ailment. Thank you, Meredith

Joan would love to be of service to you.

Dr. Joan Housley, D.C. specializes in Neuro Emotional Technique Therapy (NET), functional blood analysis, chiropractic care and is a certified Standard Process practitioner licensed to provide Standard Process supplemental products. Please click here to contact her directly

Her message to you is…

The human body is infinitely more than the physical attributes we perceive. Oftentimes, an individual may recognize that something is amiss with their body but is unable to pinpoint the issue. Walking into Life’s Balance, is the first step towards wholeness and healing! An overall sense of peace permeates each session conducted by Dr. Joan Housley, as she identifies areas of imbalance. She is able to locate and remove the imbalances, then creating physical, emotional and chemical wellbeing for each patient. Whether it is tapping into and unblocking a life experience that may have had a negative influence in a patient’s life, analyzing lab tests from a functional perspective, or freeing the body from a subluxation, Dr. Joan has the capability of releasing the restraints that have been a roadblock in the achievement of optimal, life-long health. Although physical, chemical and emotional breakthroughs are no doubt important, Dr. Housley offers so much more… A look of genuine concern, a voice of comfort and clarity, a vision and a plan as struggles are shared, and a new season of life unfolds. The delight of having a knowledgeable doctor asking your body what it needs is priceless.. no more trial and error, no more guessing! Healing the body from the inside out paves the way for an amazing and abundant life! Once you have experienced the comfort and fullness of, “A Balanced Life”, you are sure to return, and to guide your loved ones along this path as well… Together we grow, heal, love, encourage and celebrate!

Dr. Joan Housley, a 20-year veteran in chiropractic, specializes in natural healing. She has a passionate heart for witnessing the restoration and wholeness of her patients, helping them realize and live in their full potential. Joan provides a powerful and multifaceted approach to health through several portals of entry: physical, chemical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual.

After spending her high school years abroad in England, Dr. Joan pursued a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University, a Doctorate Degree from Life University, and has received thousands of graduate and postgraduate hours in emotional healing, whole food and herbal nutrition, as well as many physical modalities. Dr. Joan possesses the innate ability to uncover the root cause of issues; she then assists in their uprooting, and helps empower each individual to make choices that lead to the freedom and restoration of hearts, souls, and lives. Please click here to contact her directly


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