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Neuro Emotional Technique

What Is NET

Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a researched backed treatment to help release and overcome past traumas and unresolved stressful events. Clearing stress and trauma blockages allow you to make decisions without attachment to previous negative emotional experiences, and rebuild positive response patterns in your life.

The subconscious mind and body hold on to memories of traumatic emotional life experiences. These emotional memories shape our behavior, and cause us to act in stress response patterns. Many of these patterns are meant to protect us from harm, however often end up becoming detrimental and damaging to us.

Let's break down some of the science of NET

Part of what makes NET so unique is that it uses muscle testing/monitoring to communicate directly with the body and assess a person's response to any given stimulus. The muscle testing allows the body to talk or the body to communicate and the muscle testing picks up what the body is saying.

You might be thinking, what is muscle testing? Simply stated, the body has within it, an electrical network. If anything impacts your electrical system that is not helpful to your health and body's balance, your muscles, when having physical pressure applied, are unable to hold their strength. (Muscle power = balance; muscle weakness = imbalance).

We can think of this as similar to the "knee jerk reflex" we have. You may be familiar with this Patella reflex test - it is where the doctor strikes your knee at a spot just below your knee cap and your leg kicks out. This test isn't testing the knee, it's testing the electrical wiring between the knee, up the spine to the brain and back down again. Any "short" along the way shows up in the outcome.

In other words, if pressure is applied to an individual's extended arm while the body is being adversely affected (by something like stress or trauma) the muscles will weaken and the arm will not be able to resist the pressure. The brain is doing triage. If there is pain or imbalance in the body, the brain prioritizes the "pain" over holding the bodies arm up.

Once the stress or stored trauma is released, the muscle test will show up strong.

NET uses the meridian system and acupressure to locate where the traumas are being held in the body, which assists in the release of the traumas and leads to restoration and the healing process.

NET is really unique in that you are able to use your own body as a mechanism to support and help guide your treatment. It can be very transformational to be able to see the tangible change in muscle strength (congruence with feeling better) as you go.

If you are anything like me, you like to see results in real time. Sometimes we’re not sure if we feel better and sometimes it does take time to start feeling better, even when we are working hard in therapy. With this technique, your body is the evidence and your mind will support this evidence as you continue your therapy sessions and move into your life, where you will begin to feel things become easier and/or less painful for you.

Clearing Stress Response Pathways

Stress patterns are triggered when we experience a relatable situation to an original event that caused the stress, coming to light as a physical pain in particular parts of the body. Our body replicates the pain experienced from the original event, causing bodily distress and paralyzing us emotionally from moving on.

This could be brought on, for example, by a fear of having to give a speech in front of people because of a traumatic experience at school, experiencing trust issues in a relationships because of a past hurt, or an inability to make a career change because of limiting self beliefs, or a previous trauma resulting in a fear of insecurity.

All of these issues are the subconscious mind attempting to protect you from experiencing a similar emotional and physical response, ultimately stopping you from attaining progress in your life.

Through muscle testing and semantic responses, Neuro Emotional Technique seeks to identify and clear these learned stress response pathways, allowing you to overcome these and future issues relating to this original event.

NET is greatly effective at minimizing the “charge” or negative effect that stress and trauma have on your mind and body. Stress and trauma are things which have long standing effects on your mind and body. We can look at trauma and stress through a continuum, meaning it looks differently for each person and each person will define it differently.

Trauma could range from experiences of physical, emotional or sexual abuse, physical or emotional neglect, moving many times in childhood, history of addiction, unresolved grief, being involved in a car accident, phobias, a diagnosis such as cancer, chronic pain or illness and many more. These are just a few examples of the huge umbrella of trauma.

What will Your results look like?

When doing NET with me you can expect to reduce the effects trauma and stress have on your life. You can also expect to be empowered to take charge of your treatment and proactively move toward mind-body healing on a cellular level to a New Balanced Life. Please visit I would love to discuss any questions you may have and schedule an NET appointment with you.

Patient testimonials that have embarked upon the healing journey of NET with me include:

" I have profited greatly from the wisdom and knowledge

of Dr. Housley's practice. The NET has helped give me

emotional and physical balance. Her recommendations

for my physical health with whole food vitamins has greatly

lessened the ailments in my body. Peace of mind and body

has been my experience."

June S.

"I first visited Joan Housley for Neuro Emotional Technique to address long standing trauma and stress patterns. I was delighted to find resolution in our very first session. My entire family and many of my friends have benefitted from her care and support."

Joy F.

"Joan Housley has helped me to be physically, mentally, and nutritionally healthier than I have ever been!" Lynn S.

"Dr. Housley is an angel sent to heal us from the inside; she seems to intuitively know what I need as soon as I walk in the door every time - I initially met her after thyroid surgery and looking for help with symptoms no other specialist in medicine could give me. This led to NET and now chiropractic. Who knew a sweet & gentle woman had such special gifts to help us improve our quality of life in so many ways. After my appointments I find myself wishing I had more time with her - her spirit is motivational and uplifting. I have seen it in my husbands eyes as well. The first step to a new you is meeting Dr. Housley." Melissa K.

"Her NET technique always leaves me feeling lighter, more at ease and also aware of my body more. I am amazed by the things I've been able to clear from my subconscious and (or at least be able to more easily recognize LOL). Letting go of old emotions or programs that are stuck or no longer serve you, is a most beautiful gift to be able to give yourself. It is an adjustment for Mind, Body and Soul. ♡ If this sounds good to you, Dr Joan is the beautiful hearted, spiritually connected, Chiropractic healer that I think you owe it to yourself to see."

Megan T.

"I began meeting with Joan for NET and chiropractic care through a separation and subsequent divorce a year later. I chose to partner with a counselor during this time as well and found that my healing time with Joan through NET was more impactful than traditional counseling, so I then partnered solely with her. Joan has been an instrumental gift in my emotional and physical healing journey for 4 years now". Tammy D.


Dr. Joan Housley, a 23-year veteran in chiropractic, specializes in natural healing. She has a passionate heart for witnessing the restoration and wholeness of her patients, helping them realize and live in their full potential. Joan provides a powerful and multifaceted approach to health through several portals of entry: Physical, chemical, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. After spending her high school years abroad in England, Dr. Joan pursued a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University, a Doctorate Degree from Life University, and has received thousands of graduate and postgraduate hours in emotional healing, whole food and herbal nutrition, as well as many physical modalities. Dr. Joan possesses the innate ability to uncover the root cause of issues; she then assists in their uprooting, and helps empower each individual to make choices that lead to the freedom and restoration of hearts, souls, and lives.


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