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Functional Blood Analysis

Blood work, Lab Panels....

Most of us have had it taken, but what is it really telling us? For some, blood is analyzed and we, the patient, are often told, "everything is normal", but we still feel unwell and have unexplained symptoms. Did you know there is a way of evaluating blood work, called the functional blood analysis? Rather than looking at blood within a bell curve representing 95% of the population, we look at a more narrowed approach, showing more appropriate ranges for healthy populations. There is greater sensitivity within the functional blood analysis, which means an underlying imbalance may be revealed; in conventional lab results, tests can be in the "normal' range, yet the patient still has imbalances needing to be resolved. One might even venture to say the functional blood analysis allows the practitioner to see imbalances in chemistry before being in a full blown diseased state. Wouldn't you like to know you're headed in that direction before you get there? And given solutions to changed that direction if applied? By taking the functional blood analysis approach, and viewing the body as a whole, will lead to restored health! If you are interested in finding out more, contact Dr. Joan Housley, at Life's Balance.

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