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Life's Balance

A Balanced Healthy Life

The human body is infinitely more than the physical attributes we perceive.  Oftentimes, an individual may recognize that something is amiss with their body.... but is unable to pinpoint the issue.  Walking into Life’s Balance, is the first step towards wholeness and healing.  An overall sense of peace permeates each session conducted by Dr. Joan Housley, as she identifies areas of imbalance. She is able to locate and remove the imbalances , then creating physical, emotional, and chemical wellbeing for each patient. Whether it is tapping into and unblocking a life experience that may have had a negative influence in a patient’s life, analyzing lab tests from a functional perspective, or freeing the body from a subluxation, Dr. Joan has the capability of releasing the restraints that have been a roadblock in the achievement of optimal, life-long health. Although physical, chemical, and emotional breakthroughs are no doubt important, Dr. Housley offers so much more…  A look of genuine concern, a voice of comfort and clarity, a vision and a plan as struggles are shared, and a new season of life unfolds. The delight of having a knowledgeable doctor asking your body what it needs is priceless... no more trial and error, no more guessing! Healing the body from the inside out, paves the way for an amazing and abundant life! Once you have experienced the comfort and fullness of, "A Balanced Life", you are sure to return, and to guide your loved ones along this path as well... Together we grow, heal, love, encourage, and celebrate!

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